Spread to distant organs, radiation therapy alone may be used. Doctors use two types of radiation therapy to treat cervical cancer: â external radiation: in external radiation therapy, a large machine outside the body is used to aim radiation at the tumor area. The woman is usually an outpatient in a hospital or clinic and receives external radiation five days a week for several weeks. This schedule helps protect healthy cells and tissue by spreading out the total dose of radiation. No radioactive materials are put into the body for external radiation therapy. â intensity-modulated radiotherapy (imrt) has evolved as a technique that can treat certain areas such as the tumor or areas at risk of recurrence while sparing adjacent normal tissues from high-dose irradiation. â  imrt is an advanced form of radiotherapy that produces high-dose volume of radiation, which may have an irregular shape that better conforms to the clinical target volume. â  by having a better conformation of the target volume, normal pelvic tissues (e. G. , small bowel, bladder, rectum) are relatively spared. â  the potential advantage of imrt in these treatments, in the post-operative setting, is the ability to shape a dose distribution that delivers a lower dose to abdominal cavity contents (e. G. best price for generic viagra viagra without a doctor prescription buy generic viagra cheap viagra buy viagra online viagra online cheap viagra cheap viagra free shipping canadian viagra without a doctor prescription floridalighttacklecharters.com/thq-cheap-viagra-rp/ , small and large bowel), which in turn will make it possible to reduce side effects from treatment. â internal radiation: in internal radiation therapy, tiny tubes containing a radioactive substance are inserted through the vagina and left in place for a few days. The woman stays in the hospital during this treatment. To protect others from radiation exposure, the patient may not be able to have visitors or may have visitors only for a short period of time while the implant is in place. Once the implant is removed, the woman has no radioactivity in her body. Some patients need both external and internal radiation therapies. Chemotherapy in advanced cervical cancer, chemotherapy may be indicated. Combinations of. Reggie Express Services, Inc.
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Reggie Express Services offers:
Flights every Wednesday to and from George Town, Exuma, Bahamas and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
Reggie Express offers a wide range of services available to residents, visitors and boaters. 
Our services include Purchasing and Couriers with Drop Shipments accepted and Charters available.


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